Four Tips for Driving When Strong Winds Might Be Present

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We are heading into the winter months, which means driving conditions could worsen depending on where you live. For customers, many who live in California and Florida won’t have to deal with the threat of snow and ice that residents of other parts of the country may face. However, no matter where you live, strong winds are always a possibility. Drivers should always be mindful of weather conditions before they get behind the wheel. In the event that you do have to drive in poor conditions where strong winds may be present, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Be Extra Careful in Areas Where You’re Most Susceptible to Strong Winds: You’re most likely to be affected by heavy winds in wide open roadways, like multi-lane highways. In addition to that, watch out for highway overpasses and tunnels where wind gusts are more likely.


Pay Attention to the Road: You shouldn’t be texting or driving on a warm, sunny day. On a gusty day, keep your eyes focused on the road. Avoid eating and other distractions as well.


Keep Two Hands on the Steering Wheel: Maintaining a firm grip on the steering wheel is important just in case a strong wind catches you by surprise. You may have to react quickly if the wind moves your car.


Be Mindful of Tow Trucks and Larger Vehicles: Larger vehicles are more susceptible to heavy winds. They are most likely the vehicles that will be moved out of their lanes. As you drive, pay attention to larger vehicles and tractor trailers and make sure they aren’t veering over into your lane. If you can, give these vehicles extra space.

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